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Against The Sun, We're The Enemy.. [1/?]

Title: Against The Sun, We're The Enemy..
Authors: valiencepoison
Parings: Fun Ghoul/Party Poison   Party Poison/Destroya    Fun Ghoul/Destroya
Rating: 13+
Warnings: Innuendo, swearing, sex, alcohol use, violence, newbie-fanfic-ness.
Summary: Life in the zones have been that little bit easier since a certain someone disappeared into the world outside of California. Of course there's Korse and the Draculoids etc, but they have that one less issue following them. Not for long. Destroya's on her way back, with a vengeance.
Disclaimer: Don't own any of them, yet.

*Party Poison*

"Don't believe what they say."

Poison looked up into the slowly-dying sun, his flamed hair strayed across his pale face. He looked to his left, and Kobra was doing the same, a blank expression on his face. His mouth frowned slightly and his eyes squinted.

"Right.. so you never did?" his brother asked, his face turning towards his, a confused look on his face.

"Nope. Well, not the way they explain it. They're messing about, you know what Ghoul and Jet are like. You were probably too young to remember the truth if I'm honest." Poison replied, and turned back towards the sun.

His mind drifted off into distraction once again, and his eyes scanned his surroundings. The desert around him intrigued him every day. Something different about it always caught his eye, even though his companions were seeming to get bored of the same old sand. To Poison, it was all different. A simple cactus flower made his day, it showed that if that flower could live through the shit it was going through, so could he. It always gave him just that little bit of hope he needs to get through the day, he hates feeling like giving up. 

His brother on the other hand, has never even felt giving up in his life, exhibit A; pestering him.

"You gotta tell me Poison! Now they've gone on about it, you can't leave me here questioning you forever.." Kobra said annoyingly, a sneaky grin plastered on his perfect-toned face. "A woman. Plus you. Plus summertime. That could lead to quite a few things.."

"Oh shut up Kobe. It's all the past, from yesterday, I've moved on way ahead! You'll never need to hear her name, or know her story. She's history." Poison retaliated, and looked back towards the sun. His greasy hair flew into his eyes, and he shook his head viciously to get rid of it.

"Pfft." Kobra shook his head.

Poison thoughts spoke to him. Truth is now acceptable, but Kobra can't know, not ever. Pain is now injectable, God, don't let it happen to me again. Process is the progress, the core is critical. Faith is unavailable to Her now. Lives become incredible, killjoys never die.


*Fun Ghoul*

Zone 6. Not a cloud in the sky, unfortunately. Ghoul sighed, he missed the typical American weather. The desert is too much sun and not enough.. difference. He missed the rush hour, the bird's that used to shit on his clothes, the taxis that never bothered to notice he was waving. He missed life in the past. But past is the past, he thought, and pulled his star-patterned bandanna around his mouth, tying it with a double knot. He ran his tanned hand through his dark hair, and sighed again. The closer to Battery City, the more nervous he got. If anything, it was running into Her again. He shook his head, trying to get the thought out of his mind, she must have had moved to a world outside California, whatever it's like now. His mind wandered into what New Jersey could be like now, or England even. Is BLI controlling them too? The answers were unknown to him.

His thoughts were interrupted as he saw Party Poison and Kobra Kid walk up to him, the sun silhouetting their shadows behind them. Poison looked a dream. His vibrant hair shadowing his deep hazel eyes, words couldn't describe how beautiful his skin looked, liked a porcelain doll. A painful voice in his heart told him No Ghoul. You had your chance, then She came along, you ruined it. Move on. Ghoul. Ghoul. Ghoul..

"Ghoul. Ghoul?" Poison was saying, snapping his fingers in front of his face. Ghoul jumped, not realising he had been staring at the beautiful man. He blushed, 
embarrassed at himself. Poison laughed, it was a beautiful melody that ran through his head. Kobra raised one of his eyebrows at the red-faced man blushing over the red-haired one. He probably realised things were getting awkward and asked if anyone had seen Jet. Ghoul sighed in relief, but then his thoughts came to a halt. Where actually was Jet? He always goes walking off with no notice, it's ridiculous. Poison shrugged, and said that we should start moving and find him. He slightly strutted into the east, his younger brother by his side. He followed behind, watching every step and movement of the man.

Get out of my head, Poison. His heart said, Because it's getting quite cramped, you know.


Jet Star*

Jet was quite happy to be fair. Just sitting down, while the suns slowly setting, trying to make a fire ready for the others. A gush of wind suddenly blew in his face, his wild hair flinging itself left right and centre. He put his massive hand in front of his face, gritting his teeth, he wasn't used to this weather, and he knew he wouldn't be able to make any sort of flame with it.  He sighed, and threw the matchstick and box to the floor, and leaned back on he sand, looking up at the crimson sky. Life was okay. He was living on the edge, something he's always wanted to do, it was much better than working in a stupid bookstore in Jersey. He was visiting his old friends in California when the Disaster happened. He closed his eyes and blocked the thought out, he didn't like to think about it. But yeah, he had woken up with his one of his remaining friends and two strangers stranded in a burning field, with white helicopters and white vans everywhere, the damned BLI logo everywhere. He woke the men up and they all ran for it, not knowing where too or where from, but he had a feeling that staying in California wasn't a good idea. He knew his other friends were still there now, living with no emotions. It saddened him. Better Living Industries blocked out all feelings possible, tricking these poor civilians in Battery City, making them think they are "happy" and "love their life". Ha, they're not living like he is! His friend was in fact Fun Ghoul, who had a normal name back then, but of course the whole idea of having a normal human idea was way in the past now, he can't even remember what his name even was.

While thinking of this, he hadn't realised that it had already darkened and he was suddenly cold. He decided to work this fire again, and after three tries it the fucker finally worked. He lay down with a satisfied grin on his face, and carried on with his thought flash-back.

The other two were the brothers. Poison and Kobra, wow, what a pair. He'd never seen anything like them, two human beings-  killjoys even, so different but yet so alike in so many ways. Call them oxymorons. When they had got away, they had realised they were outside the enclosed "safety" of Battery City and into the zones, that the Disaster had badly damaged. Vans were no-where to be seen just yet, but they could see the helicopter lights surrounding the city, and Poison had told them that they couldn't go back, that they would only become too safe for their own good. At the time Jet was confused, but now he understood. They may had been strangers, but they knew that from then on, they needed to change their names, change their looks, their clothes, and live in jeopardy, but fun jeopardy. They couldn't go back till BLI had been shut down. Only God knows how long that would be.

He sat upright as he heard his name being called by three familiar voices.

"Guys, over here! I made a fire!" he called out, and waved into the direction of the voices. The three guys spotted him and ran over, and Jet smiled at each one of them.

Jet relaxed, happy with right now, they hadn't had any Draculoids since two days ago, and he was calm. But a thought kept on shouting at him in the back of his mind; There's a cleaned up cooperation progress, people are dying in the process. Write it for the ones who want to get away, sing it for the world. Live for their life, your mission is to help them, Art is the Weapon.


*Kobra Kid*

Kobra got out his notebook and pen, and started writing. He had a knack for this sort of thing, he had before the Disaster and still does now. He got the book off Dr. D when they came across his radio-shack. He had wanted to be a musician, and still wishes that now, but knows that rarely possible unless BLI does crumble down, but again that's a rare happening. But he still had joy writing lyrics down and getting his brother to sing it. He stared down at the words on his pad, squinting at the bad light from Jet's fire, listening to the sound of the three others talking and laughing, actually feeling happy for once. A smile spread across Kobra's face, and started humming out of tune. He was louder than he thought, and he looked up to see the guys laughing at him. He told them to fuck off and looked down, but started laughing himself.

"What you got tonight, eh Kobe?" Poison asked, and picked up the notebook, reading the lyrics. "Good stuff!" and started singing the unrelated yet working lyrics. "From mall security, to every enemy, we're on your property standing in V formation, you run the company, fuck like a Kennedy, I think we'd rather be burning your information, make no apologies, it's death or victory, on my authority; crash and burn, young and loaded, let's blow an artery, eat plastic surgery, keep your apology, give us more detonation." He sang, a tune sprung from out the blue, and it all fit together, it all worked. Kobra looked over at Ghoul, who was gazing at his brother in an admiring way, which made him chuckle to himself. Something was going on with Ghoul, he wasn't quite sure what though.

Poison was smiling at the paper, his mouth turning up at one side. 
"I love it K, but your missing a bit of simplicity."

Kobra stared back questioningly.

"Right, like what?.." he asked.

"Some sort of melody, like a bit of a base, but with voices? Along the lines of, er, I don't know, Da-da-da da, dadadadada, da-da-da, da?" he suggested, then burst into laughter at his silly creation.

"No, got it all wrong! Something like la-la-la, la, lalalalala, la-la-la, la!" Jet said, his arms raised to his shoulders gesturing to the sky at how 'genius' he thought his idea was.

"Nah, that doesn't work really." Ghoul said, and then suddenly his face lit up. "Wait, I got it. Nah! Na-na-na na, nanananana, na-na-na, na!" he said, and jumped up in excitement, a childish grin on his face.

"Aha, nice one Ghoul, I like that. Na, na-na na, na-na na, nananananana na, na-na na, na-na na, nananananana na, na-na na, na-na-na, na-na-na, na-na-na na-na-na, na-na na, nananana..." he kept on singing, and Kobra broke into fits of laughter, something he hadn't felt in ages.

"Oi! Shut up and sing it with me!" Poison shouted, and they all joined in this repition of na's.

It was a memory to be remembered, a day when there were no Draculoid's, no trouble, except for the woman Ghoul and Jet kept on going about to Poison. Apart form that, everything was good, and the next day was one to be ready for.

Unfortunately, he should've seen some sort of issue coming.

A scrunched up bit of paper rolled towards the men in the wind, and Poison caught it before it hit the fire. He opened it curiously, and stared, his happiness dropping from his face. Jet had started shaking his arm, asking him what was wrong. Poison didn't move. Jet did it again, and all his brother did was sharply turn his head to the curly haired man and mouthed a letter. 'D'. Jet's face turned scared, and he quickly shuffled over to Ghoul and whispered something in his ear, and Ghoul's expression changed to one of joy to one of terror. Poison had let go of the paper, but before it could blow away, Kobra grabbed it and read the scruffy words.

'Drop like a bulletshell. Dress like a sleeper cell. I'd rather go to hell than be in purgatory. Wouldn't you, killjoy? Ha, we're dead flies in the summertime hunnie. D'

He looked at the terrified boys in confusion, and Poison's face had turned almost the same colour as his hair, and he gripped his hands and his teeth, his face and body tensed, an expression he had never seen before. He stood up, and spoke four words in the most heated way he had every heard his brother talk.

"Where are you Destroya."

Kobra looked up at his brother, more confusion and more questions sprinting through his mind. Poison took a deep breath and screamed do loud, probably Zone 10 could've heard it.



Author's Note: And that was my first fanfic! Apologies for the font going haywire, not sure what happened there.. Hope you guys enjoyed it, please leave a comment telling me what you thought of it and how I could improve etc, would mean a lot:) More to come! And sorry for the lack of Frerard, that will come later;) Cheers!


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Feb. 14th, 2012 12:19 am (UTC)
WOW! This is so good! Great job on this! :D
Feb. 14th, 2012 12:51 am (UTC)
awh thankyou so much!:)
Mar. 8th, 2012 02:03 am (UTC)
This is me, being late to the party as always! I'm just starting to give this a read, and the first chapter is wonderful! Really really great job, you've sucked me in, and now I'm off to read the next four updates!

<3 KC
Mar. 8th, 2012 11:11 am (UTC)
n'awh being late doesn't matter! Thank you so much!<3
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