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Title: Against The Sun, We're The Enemy..
Authors: valiencepoison
Parings: Fun Ghoul/Party Poison   Party Poison/OC    Fun Ghoul/OC
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: swearing, sex, self abuse through drug use,  "adult situations", MikeyFuckingWay, violence, minor character death, (major character death?)
Summary: Life in the zones have been that little bit easier since a certain someone disappeared into the world outside of California. Of course there's Korse and the Draculoids etc, but they have that one less issue following them. Not for long. Destroya's on her way back, with a vengeance.
Disclaimer: Don't own any of them. (yet..)
Author's Note: It's been a while since I updated this, so.. here's Chapter 9.


She was scared. Well, obviously she wouldn't be ecstatic about being thrown out of her bedroom window into some Drac's unloving arms. She tried to call for Mikey, for Tight Boots, she even attempted to call for the girls.. but no-one saved her. She mustered all she could of the breath in her lungs and screamed to get anyone's attention, but that resulted in getting slapped in the face by the Drac who handled her carelessly. As she got gagged, her eyes widened in horror to see that each of the forty killjoys in the building were being dragged or chucked out of their window into each Drac waiting for them, and thrown into each of the four vans. After a few seconds of watching the people fall, she too was chucked into a van. It was about the size of her dorm room, and there were already another nine thrown in there. When she stumbled into the darkness of the vehicle, the doors were slammed behind her, and the engine started immediately. A light bulb flickered on dimly, and Bandit saw the familiar faces of the rebels from the base. To her utter relief, Tight Boots was one of the nine. Bandit crawled over to him, and collapsed into his arms and cried. She didn't know how long she was crying, but Boots stroked her hair the whole time and telling her that "everything will be fine my darling" even though they all knew it wouldn't be.

When Bandit broke apart from the man, she sat in silence along with the rest of the people, wondering what will become of them. To be honest, they were surprised that they won't ghosted there and then! Why had they kidnapped them when the mission for all Dracs were to kill all rebels? None of them knew. She wished that she hadn't gone into her room by herself, that way Mikey would've been able to.. wait. Mikey would be in one of the other vans, with the girls and Frank too! If the whole base had been emptied they must be! Oh no, Lily would freak out.. and then God knows what would happen. The rest of the building knew what to do if Lily had a seizure, but her father and uncle didn't have a clue. Frank would probably be stunned into a blackout if he witnessed it.. this was bad.

"Boots?" She said quietly, but the sound made everyone in the van jump a little.

"Yes sweetheart?" the camp man said. No matter what situation, Boots always used his happy-go-lucky feminine voice, which always used to make her laugh, but at this point, it made things sad. Because at that time, things weren't happy go lucky.

"You thought about what's going to happen to Lily in this situation? Or Frank?" she looked up at him worriedly, but he remained calm.

"Yep. Fun Ghoul, Kobra Kid, Cherry Bomb and Ignited Waterlily are all still at the base. Doctor Death has warned me about the attack just before it happened, but he told me that he had already sent a message through Lily to tell Ghoul about Destroya, and he also told me that they would most probably not get kidnapped because BLI have no idea they are there. Trust me, they would have been killed there and then."

"What do you mean he can hack into her brain and send a message!?" she retalitated, shocked to the core.

"He can hack into her brain and give the message if it's an emergency."

Bandit just stared at him blankly. He wasn't making any sense.

"So you're telling me that they're still there, where Destroya can easily get them?! It doesn't help that we've got BLI and her to fight against. If they're on there own, then things won't go well." she exclaimed.

"Right, here is everything explained. BLI are for somewhat reason kidnapping us. You know that when we rescued Cherry Bomb and Waterlily they had those BLI chips embedded into their brain cells? We managed to remove Cherry's but not her sister's. Anyone can hack into the messaging system through her cells and control her verbally. That is what BLI did just before taking us. Ghoul and Kid obviously freaked out at the robot voice coming from the twelve year old girl, and panicked. Now, don't panic about Destroya. Say if she does come to the base, she'll freak out because her daughters and her ex husband will be there, and that would send her into a frenzy. If she leaves her HQ, Poison and Star can escape easily enough and try their best to stop her from causing any more damage. Perhaps they can save us from whatever is happening." and he looked over at the young girl and shrugged. "You never know."

Bandit's ears and mind couldn't quite understand what was being processed. She knew Lily had been possessed only twice before in her presence, but she hadn't known that anyone can hack into it.

"..Right. So Lily can be fucking controlled by anyone. That makes a lot of things better, doesn't it?" she muttered folding her arms and looking away from the man. At this point she would have stormed out the room, but they were all curled up on the floor of a cramped van, if she had tried to stand up she would've hit her head.

"Listen Outlaw, you have to calm down if we're gonna survive wherever we're going. Ghoul and the girls will work things out, and Kobra Kid will be strong to hold things together if Destroya does turn up. But think of it this way, your father can escape then." a few heads looked up at that point, and Bandit tried her best to act like she didn't know what he was talking about.

"BOOTS! Ahem, Boots. I thought we weren't gonna mention that to any more killjoys?" she mumbled, lifting her eyebrows in sincerity. The fact that Party Poison was her father could put the whole base of killjoys in danger, as well as herself. BLI wouldn't stop to capture her if it meant damaging Poison's wellbeing. He didn't even have an idea that she was alive.

"Maybe it's better if the world knew, Lady B. That way you'd get the recognition you deserve."

"Where is all this coming from, Boots? You're acting so odd, I just want straight answers!" she huffed, and tried her best to ignore his outstretched arms, offering a random but comforting hug. He looked sad as she didn't respond, and he lowered his arms. He sighed and rubbed his forehead a little and nodded a little.

"Fine. You derserve to know anyway. Basically, little Bandit, you are the daughter of a very famous killjoy." More faces from the van looked up in surprise at the conversation, and Bandit blushed, but Boots carried on as normal, "And a very talented killjoy in his art. It's only natural that you take after him. You're a gem, and BLI will want that. That's why we didn't plan to let them know. But me and Defying had decided that they should know you exist, because that way they would waste all their time to get you instead of the Fabulous Killjoys." Bandit just stared at him in shock. "We were not going to use you as bait, because they would never be able to find you. You know why? We were gonna dye your hair, change your clothes, give you coloured contact lenses every time they saw you. They don't have a picture or sign to look from, and they never will, because you'll look different. Of course this plan kind of fails now, seeing as we're currently being captured by BLI. But they don't know who you are." and he gave each of the other rebels in with them a good stare, "And nobody else will tell them."

"That cleared up barely anything." Bandit sighed.


*Party Poison*

The best option would be to make a break for it, for obvious reasons he wasn't staying here a minute longer. But Ray was not waking up, and he couldn't leave him, nor could he carry him. But if Destroya returned, only heaven knows what would happen. There literally was no way out of this situation, her minions could come back any second, or worse. He could be saved by Frank and Mikey.. and they'll find out that he became weak again. One time is more than enough.

His train of thought was interrupted when he heard blasts and screams from outside of his cell. He closed his eyes and prayed for the best, but when he opened them again it was to the sight of the three minions being dragged away by Dracs through the open door. He cursed himself silently and quickly dragged Ray's body out of the sight of the door, and tried his best to get out of sight himself. Unfortunately, he wasn't quick enough, as one of the minions stupidly pointed while screaming some abuse, and the Drac followed the finger till it landed on the red headed man. Gerard immediately took out his gun and fired it straight at the Drac, who fell to the ground immediately. The minion that was being carried by it dropped too, but when he got up again he ran over to the killjoy and slammed his neck against the wall with his hand. It had all happened so fast that Gerard lost any form of breathing for a few seconds and his sight blurred, but when he regained everything back he saw that he was face to face with Playground Eye, and he was fuming, breathing fast while his eyes tried his best to tear Gerard apart and his grip on his throat tightened.

"You've fucking doomed as all, Way!" he shrieked, before he heard a blast, and the man fell before Gerard, his eyes open and scared.

He gritted his teeth and waited for the Drac to go for him, but three more shots were heard, and neither of them made him fall. He opened one eye curiously, and saw that the three Dracs were on the floor in the room, and Bullet Embrace and Neon Angel were blowing the steam off their guns. Gerard just stared at them, genuinely shocked at what had just happened. One tear made it's way down the female's cheek, and Gerard felt a pang of sympathy for a second. Wait, why the fuck should he when she had helped Destroya make his life a misery?

"If you're gonna hurt me, make it quick." he muttered, knowing that they were gonna finish of Destroya's work.

"We're not going to. Don't you see that we just fucking saved you? I just killed my own brother for you." Bullet whispered, another tear slipping while she lowered her gun slowly. 

"What?" Gerard exclaimed, confused as hell.

"Listen, Playground Eye was crazy and we all knew it, so we just saved your ass. We shot down the Dracs as well as the moment Eye broke free they saw you and instantly tried to kill you. Be thankful." Neon Angel stated, no emotion appearing on his face.

"And why didn't you leave me? I swear we were the enemy." Gerard said harshly, folding his arms.

"Don't be so fucking ungrateful when Bullet had to kill someone who used to mean something to her. For you. Why did we save you? Because Destroya needs you alive." he spat, giving him a glare while Bullet sank to the floor, her feelings splayed out for everyone to see.

"Oh, so she can torture me again? How incredibly thoughtful of you guys." Gerard yelled back, and walked over to see if Ray had performed any sense of movement yet, which he hadn't. "If you excuse me, I'm getting back to my guys." he said as he attempted to hoist Ray over his shoulder, but failed. He cursed loudly and covered his hands down his face, stuck on what to do.

"You're not going anywhere as far as we're concerned, killjoy. We're on orders. Jet Star here had knocked all of us out cold before he came to rescue you, so we're not happy to let him get away with it." Neon snarled as he took a few steps closer to the red headed man, their toes touching. Gerard only stared back, it was the only thing he could think of doing in that time, he had no chance of getting away without leaving Ray behind, which he refused to do. "Be lucky that there were only three Dracs here, stupidly. If there were anymore we would have all been mincemeat."

"Shit. Neon. Intense Runner." Bullet Embrace muttered, shooting her friend a worried look. Neon's face grew grave as he shot out of the room and down the corridor, Gerard not sure what to do. He didn't have much of a choice but to stay there until Ray woke up, which he hoped would be fucking soon, seeing as Bullet Embrace wasn't in the right set to fight at that moment.

"I'm sorry about your brother." Gerard muttered. It was sad to kill someone you once loved, but he could tell that Playground Eye must have done something bad in the past to make Bullet hate him that much.

"Don't. He was a horrible person." she then looked up at him, and Gerard saw a lost person in her eyes. "You're lucky you know. You have a lot of people who care about you. Don't think Destroya is the bad one, she does care, but she's possessed, you can't blame her for that." Gerard was taken aback by that, and he wasn't sure what to say. She was still heartless. Wasn't she?

Neon ran back in the room that second, but a little boy tagged along behind him. He couldn't have been more than ten.

"Intense Runner is safe. He's not harmed, but he needs his mother." he said, and he looked tired. The little boy who Gerard guessed was Intense Runner looked neutral, like everything seemed fine, in fact a little arrogant.

"Well it looks like she's run off, doesn't it? For fuck sake, I don't know what to do, Matt." and she finally broke down, lying on the floor next to the four dead bodies, and Gerard found himself walking over to her and kneeling down, and he carefully took her hand and stroked it gently. It must have been natural instinct, as he found himself doing it to Mikey whenever he had secret breakdowns. Her breathe tightened, but she relaxed into the soft touch of loving hands.

"Listen, I know this is hard, I would feel the exact same. But you need to be strong to get through it." Gerard didn't know why he said these things, but he did. He gently tugged on her hand so she sat up, and they were looking straight at each other. They both felt a shock wave going through their touch, and both of them stared, shocked.

"Gerard, I, I didn't know it was you, I-"

"Don't be, Christa, I don't blame you." and they both collapsed into each other's arms, both of them in tears from shock and happiness of an old friendship reformed again.


*Fun Ghoul*

"I left her on her own. I swore to myself I wouldn't let go of her again, Gerard needs to see her, Frank." Kobra cried, while Ghoul hugged him. He had decided to ignore being called Frank, and just had to accept it. Kobra had told him about the memory filter pills and everything to go with it, and he was still finding trouble to take everything in. Seeing his daughters and Bandit again had definitely jogged something, and the fact Kobra referred to his brother as Gerard seemed familiar, but that was it. He had told him to call him Mikey instead of Kobra, but Ghoul couldn't necessarily bring himself to.

"It's not your fault, Kobe. Everyone's gone. But listen, I'm going to try and get hold of Dr. Death again, and we'll try our best to get them back, okay? At the same time, we've gotta get a move on and get your brother and Jet back. We can't leave it a moment longer, you don't know what Destroya is capable of.." He said, trailing off as both of his girls walked into Bandit's empty room, rubbing their eyes and frowning slightly. It seemed like Lily had no recognition of what happened to her only moments before, and Cherry had slept through it all.

"What's happened dad?" Cherry asked, speaking for the both of them. They had both realised the shouts of Kobra and the worrying, and Cherry looked panicked as she saw Bandit's scrumpled up bed and the open window. "Where's Outlaw?"

"Listen, you know the bad guys? Well, they've done something.. bad. Me and Uncle Kobra need to sort some things up, and both of you need to go back to sleep, okay?" he replied, tucking Lily's hair behind her ears.

"Dad, we're not five. We're almost teenagers." Cherry said, folding her arms in an annoyed fashion. It killed him to hear the last sentence. 'We're almost teenagers.' He'd missed most of their childhood, and he wanted to cry there and then, but he had to be strong for everyone.

"I know, gorgeous. But I mean it, both of you look exhausted, so get your asses back in bed before I chase you!" he tried to sound joyful and playful, but they both stared back at him like a What the fuck, dad? kind of attitude.

"BLI have kidnapped everyone, I know. I heard what they said through Lily." Cherry said matter-of-factly, and Ghoul just stared back at her.

"But you didn't think it was best to open your eyes and help us understand what was going on?" he didn't want to be angry with her, but he was a little annoyed.

"I was still asleep. It was twin telepathy." she stated, and Ghoul sighed. Things got more confusing by the second.

"Twin telepathy?" He asked, daring for an answer.

"When me and Lils were with BLI, they installed this chip in us to communicate back from home base to out in the zones. When Tight Boots and Systematic Outlaw rescued us, they tried their best to remove the chips. They removed mine, but not Lily's, it was too difficult a second time. But since then, we can both understand what each other's thinking, and so I can speak for her, because she doesn't like to speak, in case someone can steal her voice." She reached out for her sister's hand and squeezed it, giving her a loving look, and Ghoul teared up at the bond his daughters shared. But he still couldn't quite understand what she meant.

"What do you mean when you were with BLI?" Then he answered himself. The day of his disaster, when he lost all sight of his wife,  but he managed to glimpse the sight of Cherry and Lily far off in the distance, being dragged away by strange men in white suits, screaming for their daddy, but he couldn't get to them in time. The strange men were BLI.

"We were minions for them, just message carriers. They never managed to brainwash us completely, a child's imagination is too strong. We have seen you many times while we were out in the zones, but we didn't want you to freak out if we said anything. Plus our bosses wouldn't have liked it." The way she just said it so strong and normal made Fun Ghoul break down into fits of tears, he couldn't believe that he had let his girls suffered to the world of no emotion, they had witnessed killing, but the most painful thing is that he would have seen them so many times in the past seven years, but he hadn't known. He thought about them every day.


*Kobra Kid*

"Frank." Mikey said, and he finally stood up and placed a hand on his friend's shoulder, it was his turn to be strong for the both of them. To be fair, both of them were still weak, and had been weak ever since all those years ago. They haven't been able to adapt to the harsh reality of today. they both wished it could just.. stop.

"Don't cry, dad. We're both fine now. Well, anyone can hack into Lily's brain cell system to give a message still, but she's still okay." Cherry tried to comfort her father, but failed miserably. But that made Mikey think about the first voice that panicked him.

"Anyone?" Mikey asked, while Frank sat down on Bandit's bed with his head in his hands.

"Yep. Anyone in the Zones, anyone in Battery City. Anyone who has the technology, really." she said. Lily had stayed silent through all of this, her eyes glazed over in thought.

Mikey had an idea.

"Lily, go and hug your dad. I need to talk to Cherry for a few minutes." he said as sweet as he could, and Lily did as she was told and sat next to her father and hugged him. Mikey gestured for the other twin to follow him, and she too followed suit. When they were outside of the room, Mikey shut the door quietly and turned to the girl half the size of him.

"Cherry, do you know who the first voice was earlier?" he asked straight out.

"Dr. Death Defying." she replied instantly, not knowing that that answer would make Mikey freak out.

"What the FUCK?" Mikey exclaimed, his hands clenching his head in confusion. "The fuck, why would he do that to Lily!?"

"It doesn't harm Lily. It was the only way of getting hold of you two at that time. I remember what he said. Shall I tell you, so you can understand better?" Mikey was bewildered at how completely normal she sounded, it was unbelievable. Still shocked, he nodded, and Cherry put on a deep voice.

"You are Frank Anthony Iero Jr. You are a best friend of Gerard Arthur Way Lee, Michael James Way, and Raymond Manuel Toro-Ortiz. You are not Fun Ghoul. It is a lie. You must be yourself to survive, or the future doesn't end well. No. You must remember everything to save Gerard. You were a guitarist in the famous band My Chemical Romance with these humans. You knew them before the Disaster. The memory filter pills changed your thoughts, but they are finally wearing off for you. You remember your daughters. You remember you wife. But she is now dangerous. Save him, before the life you once had will be gone forever with no trace of memory left. Don't do this to yourself. You and your friends have the power to bring BLI down. But Destroya must be gone. She must be gone."

And with that finish, she closed her eyes, opening them again normally and waiting for Mikey to answer. He just gaped at her, why the fuck had Defying said it like that?

"You look confused, so let me explain." Mikey still stared. "Defying was trying to warn you both to expect BLI, but as he was about to speak, he heard dad contemplating who he was. So Defying told him. He had to tell him his whole life to understand, but it seemed that dad freaked out a little. But Defying got a little carried away,  and he started talking about Destroya, as they spoke on the communicator earlier on today about the situation. He had been thinking about what to do, and he came to the conclusion that you need to kill Destroya to save Gerard, because she's getting in the way of bringing BLI down."

What the actual fuck?

"What the actual fuck?" Mikey exasperated as he sat down on the floor while leaning his head against the wall. Cherry placed herself down in front of him. "How did you even know half of that when he didn't say it?"

"Tight Boots speaks very loud on the phone." she shrugged, and Mikey's mouth dropped open some more.

"Right, what about when I entered the room? He said something else, what was it?" no matter how much this was confusing him, he needed to know all the answers to understand it all.

"He said: I won't explain again! Frank, you need to understand. She won't rest till Gerard is hers. You must kill her." she looked kind of confused at that statement, and she looked at the adult sadly. "I think it means that she's evil. And you need to kill her, or you can't get Gerard back, or something. Dr. Death is only trying to help you, it's the only way he can think of."

Mikey breathed in deeply, there was a lot to take in. He understood everything now, but there were still so many unanswered questions. Why had BLI just taken all of the people in the building? Dr. D was going to tell them about that, but instead he decided to rant crazily about killing Destroya.

Well, at least Mikey definitely knew one thing, Cherry was incredibly intelligent. She could be a psychiatrist if she wanted. But a part of Mikey thought that she understood what Defying was saying, but she didn't understand what it all meant they would have to do. They would have to kill her mother. Did she know that?

"Cherry.. do you know who Destroya is?" he asked uncertainly, and she looked blank.

"Nope. From what I've heard Boots and Defying say, she sounds pretty evil. You guys are gonna rescue Gerard, right?" her eyes shone like a girl meeting her hero, but Mikey wanted to cry there and then. The girl had no idea that her mother was the "pretty evil" one.

Mikey sent Cherry into the room to join the hug with her dad, and he walked up and down the corridor. He decided to consider all of his options, and he listed them in his head.

1. He couldn't drive to Destroya's HQ and take Frank and the girls with him, because who knows what would happen if they realise who each other were.

2. He couldn't go off and leave them behind either, in case BLI came back for them.

3. He couldn't stay here for that reason.

4. He couldn't get away as BLI had taken their car.

5. They would have to run.

But sometimes you get tired of running.


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Apr. 9th, 2012 03:38 pm (UTC)
Oh my god. So I saw this was up yesterday morning, and I was legit all crazypants all day because instead of reading your brilliance, I had to hang out with my future mother-in-law, who as you know, is crazytown.

Meg. MEG. GAH! Amazing! I can't even formulate words properly! You know how much I freaking adore this story, and I love love love where you're taking it!

You're amazing, this story is amazing, love it all! =D
Apr. 9th, 2012 04:57 pm (UTC)
Aaaaah, thank you, you're awesome:D!
Apr. 10th, 2012 03:52 am (UTC)
You did put Miles in! ... I think.
Apr. 19th, 2012 12:02 am (UTC)
Do you know if there's something up with LiveJournal? ... Or up with my computer? ... Or did everyone just stop posting? I'm so confused. I'm new, but, as far as I can tell, at least one new chapter is posted everyday, and none have been uploaded since the 7th - when this was put up. Please respond if you get this. Is it normal for everyone to take long breaks from uploading??
Apr. 19th, 2012 05:35 am (UTC)
It's not LJ or your computer! The community my_chemical_fic is moderated, which means when we post an entry the moderators have to approve or reject It first. So for some reason, the moderators haven't checked through them yet, and there's at least seven of us waiting! It's crazy! I don't know long how it's gonna be, but it's been over a week already;/
Apr. 19th, 2012 11:33 am (UTC)
Oh, okay. Thanks for responding. Hopefully it doesn't take too much longer!
Apr. 19th, 2012 12:38 pm (UTC)
Not a problem, and yeah, agreed.

But me and my friend Kacey made a new community because of the wait, and we invited a lot of the my_chemical_fic girls there, you're welcome to join us as well! It's called bandomfic:)
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