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Guys Like Us (CO-WRITE) Chapter 4/?

Title: Guys Like Us (or: Do You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us in Boarding School?)
Authors: evrybdydncenow and valiencepoison
Rating: NC-17 (For language, adult scenarios and themes)
Pairings: Mikey/Frank
Disclaimer: All parts of this story are fiction. Authors claim no affiliation to the people mentioned in this story.
Summary: Mikey is desperate to carry on the legacy of his brother. When it lands him with Gerard at Blair Academy for Delinquent Adolescents, Mikey gets a bit more than he bargained for.

AN: Well hey there guys! Today it is my turn to take over the story to give Kacey a break from it all;) If you're new to the story, click on this link and it will take you to her masterlist, where you will find her stories AND the chapters for this so far:)



Mikey could clearly see why Gerard did "simply not go to PE". They more or less ran round the field for most of the hour, then when they got back they did press ups.. and that was it. Mikey hadn't been so worn out before, no wonder that he got caught by the cops so easily, he can't run for shit. Gerard was surprisingly good, which is probably why he barely got caught. Frank, on the other hand, was a pretty fit athlete, and Mikey couldn't help but notice how Frank caught his eye before speeding ahead more. His t-shirt was beginning to sweat through, and Mikey once again couldn't help himself as he stared at Frank's toned and athletic body, the way his fringe stuck to his forehead and he flicked it away, how his cheeks reddened and how his breathing increased, it almost seemed godlike.

But Mikey almost slapped himself in stupidity, what was he thinking? Frank was a good for nothing liar. A cocky, mouthy liar. But he wasn't bad looking..

No, no, what was he doing!? He was bad news, and Gerard had shown that Frank isn't one to be trusted or to grow close to, as he never speaks honestly. Finding him attractive wouldn't make things much easier.

Oh but those abs..

"Mikes? You're gorming out.." Gerard interrupted his train of thought, clicking his fingers in front of his face, making Mikey jump slightly. As his mind adjusted to reality, he realised that all the guys were all on the floor doing push ups. Great..

"Way! And.. Way. Drop and give me forty!" Coach Bull shouted at the brothers like a drill sergeant. He was dressed like one as well, with the whole white tank top and everything. Mikey couldn't help but feel intimidated, but Gerard barely took any notice and just stood there with his arms folded while Mikey reluctantly scuttled over to the other boys and crept to the ground. If there was anything he didn't want to, it was to lift his body off the ground and back again forty times. Gerard was more or less pushed by the coach to the floor, and Mikey had to bite his cheeks to stop laughing when Gerard attempted to do a press up but just flopped on the floor, and cursed at how "stupid this shit is". After about four, Mikey collapsed to the ground, trying to have the same attitude as Gerard if that's how you get far in this place. He glanced over at Frank, who looked effortless as he pumped his small but muscular body up and down several times. Frank also glanced up at the right moment, but went more red as he caught Mikey's eye, then winked. Mikey instantly pulled a face, but inside he was slightly (SLIGHTLY..) getting all hot.

"Yo, Way, check this out." Frank gasped for breath, and quickly he put his hand behind his back, and started to push up one handed, while sticking his tongue out (which everyone could admit looked pretty adorable). Though Mikey's conscience screamed at him that it was all bad news, he couldn't help but stare as Frank winked at him once again. Gerard unfortunately noticed this, and immediately stood up from the field and stormed over to the guy, and kicked him hard in stomach. Frank groaned and rolled over to his back as Gerard leaped on top of him and pummeled his face as far into the ground as he could muster, while Frank cried out in pain for him to stop. Mikey just lay there in horror while all the other guys surrounded the fight egging Gerard on and laughing at Frank, but Ian only stood and stared. Coach Bull eventually broke the two apart, holding Gerard firmly from behind.

"WHAT do you think you're playing at, Way!?" he shouted loudly into Mikey's brother's ear.

"He better fucking watch it if he's trying to get at it with my brother!" he roared, not caring that Coach Bull could instantly put him on report for mentioning sexual language (it was minor, but the school tolerated nothing), giving Frank the devil's stare. Frank was cowering away, ashamed at how he couldn't fight back.

"WAY, calm yourself down right now. Or do you want to back to the Cabin? I've heard through teachers' words that it's not your favourite place in the world, but it sure enough disciplines you." he snarled, and Mikey's heart dropped as he saw Gerard's face drop. He hadn't seen him scared, even worried before, and it was a bit of a shock to adjust to in those few seconds. Then the crazy shit happened. Gerard gave in, and shook his head rapidly, then hung it low, apologising to Frank, who didn't reply. Bull patted Gerard on the back before bending down to aid Frank, and Mikey could only stare at Gerard in disbelief. His brother, who stood up for anything he believed in, had just surrendered to a small threat made by a gym teacher. Gerard's eyes glazed over as he stared into space, and Mikey still couldn't quite comprehend what he had saw as Bull dismissed the class back to the changing rooms. Frank was still on the ground, wincing and whining in pain, and Mikey looked back sadly, regretting ever paying the attention to him.


Rumours buzzed around the school. Apparently Frank had a fit, some said Gerard had sent him into a coma, it all made Mikey’s blood boil. But the worst ones were those that says that Gerard had been a coward, and wouldn’t accept his punishment like a man. Who were these idiots to say that!? Mikey wasn’t sure what had overcome Gerard at that point, but he was certain that it was not cowardice. Gerard wasn’t like that.

Frank, however, wasn’t in a good place. Mikey had been called to the Accident and Injury wing by Mr. McCarthy to explain the situation. When he arrived, Gerard was also there, with the same expression on his face as when he left him. Frank was in one of the beds, and he looked like death. His face was covered in gashes and bruises, and Mikey was shocked that Gerard caused that. Gerard was one to vandal and destroy, but it rarely human beings he harmed. He had reacted too rashly to Frank’s flirtatious way, and it was very unlike him, and Mikey couldn’t understand.

Frank went pale at the presence of Mikey with Gerard in the same room, and tried his best to avoid eye just in case Gerard would attack him again. He regretted ever laying eyes on Mikey. Why had he just fucked things up for him? Gerard was the biggest name in this school, and he had pissed him off big time by barely flirting with his brother. He would make sure that every day for Frank would be a living hell, and it did not help one bit that Mikey was his roommate. He had no idea what Mikey’s view and feelings on all of this were, but he didn’t think it was the right time to ask with Gerard and McCarthy standing right there. He attempted to sit up, but grunted in pain as he did so, and McCarthy tutted while shaking his head.

“Gerard Gerard Gerard. Did hurting Iero do you any favours?” was all he said. Mikey just stared, bewildered at his reaction to all of this. “Of course it didn’t. But what was your aim? To kill him, or severely injure? Because you didn’t do a good job at either.” Mikey gaped at him, and gave up all hope of understanding the headmaster. He was mental, who would be disappointing a student for not injuring them well!?

Gerard had not responded, and his eyes and face were still transfixed in the same scared expression from all those hours before. Frank looked as confused as Mikey, and they dared to glance at each other while Mikey shrugged his shoulders.


“Mikey.” He interrupted, daring to piss him off just to see his reaction. But there wasn’t one.

“Michael. Explain what Iero did to you to make your brother react in such a way?” he inquired, resting his chin on his hand. Mikey didn’t really have an answer, as he didn’t know what was so bad that made Gerard attack Frank. So what was he meant to say?

“I’m waiting.” McCarthy spoke again.

Mikey looked to his brother in desperation of help, but all he did was stare at him gravely, and Mikey’s brain received a message from Gerard (they’ve always had that kind of connection) along the lines of “You tell him it was pointless, and you’re in trouble.” But the hard thing was, that it more or less was a pointless attack.

Mikey then quickly turned to Frank to see if he could speak to him through a facial expression, but all he could see was the pain and slight fear on Frank’s delicate face.

What choice did Mikey have? He couldn’t save one but not the other. Would the truth make a difference?

“Michael, I won’t ask again...”

“Frank winked at me, and Gerard took it the wrong way.” Mikey blurted out, hoping that the truth wouldn’t get either of them in too much trouble.

McCarthy only raised his eyebrows and chuckled slightly, and Mikey almost gasped in how stupidly he dealt with this whole situation. Great headteacher he is.

“Interesting.” Then he walked over to where Gerard was still standing. “Gerard, you’re under lockdown for attacking with abusive intentions. One more strike, and you’re back in the Cabin.” He almost looked amused as Gerard started to babble, and plead.

“Please, no, no don’t put me back in there.” he spoke quietly, and Mikey just couldn’t believe that the brother he used to look up to for standing up for what he believed in had become so week over a threat. He didn’t know what the Cabin was, but it obviously was something that Gerard feared. McCarthy ignored his asking, and walked over to Frank’s bedside.

“Iero, you are also in big, big trouble for flirtatious actions. You know we tolerate nothing of the sort here at Blair, minor or major, and once you are out of that bed, you will be punished severely.” Frank’s face grew grave, and he gave Mikey a dirty look, and his heart dropped. Mikey didn’t want to land anyone in the shit, and how was he supposed to know that a simple action of winking could get you in trouble? He had only been there for two days for heaven’s sake. Frank didn’t reply, but glared at Mikey for even longer, till McCarthy followed the glance and strolled over to the tall boy, patted him on the shoulder before leaving the hospital wing. What?

So the three boys were left in the corridor, the awkward atmosphere eventually reaching them all.

“Cheers for that, Way. I totally needed more shit, didn’t I?” Frank muttered, and Mikey sank more in hurt.

“Fucking hell Frank, how was I supposed to know all the rules by now?” Mikey retaliated, folding his arms in defence, as if it could stop this stupid situation from ever happening. It was all pointless!

“Well you can’t change it, can you?” Gerard spoke up, as if he had heard Mikey’s thoughts. He moved, which almost made Mikey jump, and sat down in a chair near Frank’s bed. “The past has gone, you can’t grab it back. What’s happened has happened.” And he sighed.

“Gee, I-“ Mikey began.

“I don’t wanna hear it, Mikes.” He muttered, holding up a hand to stop his brother from talking.

Mikey was going to reply, but he couldn’t bring himself to as Frank whimpered, still in slight pain, and his heart shattered. Why he was still feeling any emotion for the guy, he didn’t know, as his douche bag personality had caused all this. And his good looks.

“Iero, stay the fuck away from my brother, because you and I know that we don’t want this to happen again.” Were the last words Gerard spoke before storming out of the room, and Mikey could do nothing but shrug in defeat, he honestly didn’t know what to feel right now. His sexuality was being questioned too, if he cared so much about Frank, he couldn’t be straight, it was a very rare possibility that he was worried about Frank as a friend, because Frank was a dick.

“I’m sorry.” Frank spoke up from the silence, his own voice sounding of defeat. Frank had tried to actually get someone to like him, and it just ended him up in trouble, why did he even bother? Sure, Mikey was attractive, probably more than his brother, but he wasn’t determined that he was completely worth it to get in shit over. If Gerard hadn’t overreacted so fucking much, he could’ve played about a bit without getting in trouble and injured over it! Some day.

“Don’t be. I should be sorry for snitching, I guess. But I didn’t mean to, honest.” Mikey said, shaking his head. Frank felt bad for giving him those harsh looks, but he was just so frustrated at the whole situation, all over trying to be liked for once. He’d never had that his whole life, someone who cared, someone who loved him. He was looking for a chance, but he had gone and fucked up again. He couldn’t do anything right.

Frank sighed, thinking of something to say. “Do you want to sit down?” he decided on, and Mikey did as so. There was still a lot of awkward tension between them both, and Mikey eventually broke the ice.

“So, is this the cliché part when we confess to each other what we’re actually thinking about all this? Because in my opinion this is all a bunch if pointless shit, I don’t know what came over Gerard. Sorry.” Mikey said, his eyes looking down.

“Don’t need to apologise for him.” Frank replied, itching in his sheets uncomfortably.

“I guess I shouldn’t have..” Mikey began to say before he laughed slightly, and Frank thought it was the most adorable thing ever. Frank sat up and stared at him inquiringly, a joker’s grin now on his face.

“Go on, tell me! You shouldn’t have?..” Frank pushed, and Mikey just laughed nervously again.

“I shouldn’t have, ah I don’t know how to say it.” Mikey smiled awkwardly, resulting in Frank melting. “I shouldn’t have tried to get your attention, but you grabbed mine anyway.” Mikey looked like he instantly regretted what he said, and buried his face in his hands. Frank giggled slightly, and clamped a hand over his mouth. Dammit, not the laugh..

Mikey’s head shot up and he had to try his best to stop laughing, but it came out anyway.

“WHAT on this fucking earth was that?” he shrieked, almost falling off his chair. Frank gave him the evils and mentally slapping himself for his laugh escaping.

“It’s my pot laugh. You’re just jealous.” He muttered, slumping down into his pillow, never to return again. Mikey just carried on laughing, and when he eventually slowed down into sighs, Frank groaned in pain and embarrassment.


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Apr. 7th, 2012 03:36 am (UTC)
Faaaabulous! But you knew that already! ;) I'm so pumped to be writing this story with you, darling!

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