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Title: Against The Sun, We're The Enemy..
Authors: valiencepoison
Parings: Fun Ghoul/Party Poison   Party Poison/OC    Fun Ghoul/OC
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: swearing, sex, self abuse through drug use,  "adult situations", MikeyFuckingWay, violence, minor character death, (major character death?)
Summary: Life in the zones have been that little bit easier since a certain someone disappeared into the world outside of California. Of course there's Korse and the Draculoids etc, but they have that one less issue following them. Not for long. Destroya's on her way back, with a vengeance.
Disclaimer: Don't own any of them. (yet..)

*Party Poison*

"Everybody pay attention to me, I got the answer, I got the answer-uh!"


"Street walking cheetah with a capital G,"


"Da da da da da.." Destroya was singing. She was jumping and turning while moving her hands up and down like a gypsy would, and singing her heart out, but with an evil smile on her face.

She's crazy, yet continues to amaze me, thought Poison.

"Wakey-wakey Party." she sang, and ran up to his side. He was still shackled to the ground, but his pants were round his ankles. Shit.

"Bless you sweetheart, you must've been cold all night with your legs out." she chuckled to herself as she added "That wasn't the only thing that was out though." No. God please, no.

"What the fuck did you to me!?" Poison screamed, wrestling with the iron cuffs once more.

"What the fuck did I do to you? What the fuck? Fuck? You answered your own question there honey." and her beautifully dangerous smile showed once more.

"You're crazy. Fucking crazy." he breathed, every part of his body tensing while he grit his teeth.

"Yep, I'm crazy. You made sure that happened, didn't you Poison?" Destroya whispered, but it didn't sound like her witty, sarcastic self. She sounded sad, empty, alone. "You broke my heart. You awakened the fucking fire in me, the so called 'purifying flame' that turned me into this maniac. You're the one to blame for everything, the fact that you let a woman fuck you after she knocked you out." and the bitchiness was back again.

"You broke Fun Ghoul's heart, Destroya. If anything this is all you. You can fight the elements within you but you choose not to." Gerard held his breathe as Destroya's facial expression changed to one of smugness to one of anger.

"HOW DARE YOU!" she screamed, and ran over to Poison's body and kicked him in the head and punched him in the stomach, his brain thumping as the white noise ran through it, shortly before he was winded. He tried his best to recover but stamping down on his groin made her win.

He was in agony. Fucking agony. And too make matters worse, Destroya knelt down besides him and kissed him once more, sending shivers down his spine. Well, she definitely knows how to torture him.

"Here's some wise words killjoy. Move your body when the sunlight dies. You forgot to last time, so where were you when the embers fell?" she asked, sitting next to the shaken body, stroking his hair. She knew this question would anger him, she's fucking Destroya.

"You're unbelievable." he breathed, wincing at the pain escaping from his lungs.

"I'm unbelievable? Yeah, I'm undefeatable. Poor Gerard, you ruin everything." she sighed sarcastically. Gerard?

"What did you call me?"

Her eyes lit up in amusement and Poison knew that Destroya would take advantage of this. The famous evil smile appeared on her lips and she laughed to herself, her arms folded as she stood up, and started walking around the plain white room. The walk sooned turned into a dance, and before Poison knew what was going on, Destroya had started singing.

"This ain't a Party,"

Excuse me?

"Get off the dancefloor,"

It's a little hard right now.

"You want the get down, here comes the gang war."

Too fucking true.

"You're doing alright,"

The irony.

"I got the answer, 'cause all the good times, they give you cancer!"

What the actual hell was going on?

She was still turning about the room, and Poison's eyes widened as he realised Destroya was glowing. Glowing. A spiral of gold, blue, red and green were surrounding her, moving with her as she danced. Her head was thrown back in joy, which was a strange sight for Party Poison. He tried to take in all that happened in the past two days; the woman who had made his life a misery all those years ago, had turned out of the blue, and sent her minions to capture him and Ray. She had beat him senseless, raped him, and now she was singing and dancing.

Not knowing what to do with himself, he closed his eyes and breathed in deeply, hoping that somehow Kobra and Ghoul could get here already. What was happening to Jet right now? This life, is fucking shit, he thought, shaking his head slowly.

He needed Dr. Death, Grace, Show Pony, they always knew what to do, what to say. Could any of Defying's advice help him now?

"It's time for me, Doctor D, to start running and say goodbye for a little while. And I know you're gonna miss me, so I'll leave you with this."

Wait, the sun?

"Well it'll burst you into flames if you stay in one place too long."


*Fun Ghoul*

Ghoul and Kobra had stopped when they saw a base ahead, and realised it was the one where Dr. D's second in command lived. Great, they could get some back up with this one this time.

As they knocked on the door, a girl's voice asked for a password.

"3-2-1.." Ghoul hesitated, hating this password with a passion. It was just plain embarrassing.

"Denied." the voice said.

"Ghoul, for god sake." Kobra sighed, nudging his friend in the arm.

"Wecametofuh." Ghoul mumbled, closing his eyes as his cheeks reddened.

"Denied. If denied once more, this is counted as Trespassing, and will be dealt with harshly."Charming lady, Ghoul said to himself.

"If you don't say it I swear to God this guns going up your ass." Kobra threatened, which Ghoul didn't take nicely.

"Password." the lady asked again.



"Last warning Ghoul-"

"3-2-1 WE CAME TO FUCK!"

The door opened and three girls stared up at him, shocked to the bone. Fun Ghoul face palmed and swore under his breath, the oldest one must have been fourteen years old, bloody hell.

"Erm, password accepted?" the older girl replied, staring at the man before questioningly with one eyebrow raised.

"Good. Can we speak to Tight Boots?" he asked, mentally slapping himself as he realised how stupid he sounded. Tight Boots was the weirdest killjoy name he had come across.

One of the younger girls with brown hair spoke up, "He's a bit busy right now, but if you follow us we can show you where you can wait." The one not to have spoken yet was blonde, but looked similar to the brunette. Her eyes were transfixed on Ghoul, her face unreadable. Kobra Kid was doing the same, but with the oldest one, who had short cropped black hair.

"Er, thanks."

"Fun Ghoul, am I right?" she said, still looking him up and down.

"Yep. And this is Kobra Kid."

"Oh, we know. The name's Systematic Outlaw. Abbreviate how you wish." and she beckoned the men after her as each small girl stood on each side. They both looked up at her, and she nodded to them.

"The brunette is Cherry Bomb." Outlaw spoke, pointing halfheartedly.

"And that's Ignited Waterlily." Cherry Bomb said, gesturing to the silent girl. She had no said a word this entire time.

"Nice to meet you. You all apprentices for Boots then?" he asked, trying to make some form of conversation as they winded through corridor after door after corridor.

"No, we're actual guards. Don't doubt us because we're small. We may be young but us three managed to work faster than the others." Cherry went on. She was a gobby one..

"Oh, right." Ghoul replied slowly.

"You could say we're the best in this zone." the little girl boasted. This one needed a reality check.

"Hush now, Chez. Don't bother Fun Ghoul, dude." Outlaw whispered, pushing the girl softly but the brunette still retaliated.

"Hey-hey-hey! Girls, calm it, just go and tell Boots we need his help, please?" Ghoul stepped in, trying to stop any form of awkward fight between the strangers.

"Will do. Waterlily, go tell him that their here please doll." and so the little blonde left, not before taking one long last look at Ghoul. Goosebumps tingled down his back, that look was haunting.

He glanced over at Kobra, who was still transfixed. No-one could blame him though, he must be in shock from losing Poison like this. Cherry Bomb started babbling again while Outlaw played the mother and told her to pipe down, but Ghoul couldn't tell what the strange atmosphere their company had was.

"Mr. Boots is ready for you, sir." a quiet voice said behind him, almost making him jump. Turning around, he saw Waterlily in front of him, her eyes wide and.. violet? He smiled and chuckled at how cute she seemed.

"Hey, sir's not needed honey. Ghoul's alright." and he bent down to her level to ruffle her hair, she looked like she needed a tad more affection that the mouthy one or the bossy one did.

She looked up into his eyes, and an instant wave of emotion flew through him. That look, those eyes, no, this couldn't be real. It couldn't be..

Memories flooded back. Two little girls, screaming for his help, Crows grabbing them each by the arm before being dragged away, they were only about four years old. He couldn't help them. He screamed their names, but it was too late. He called for her, but she had been taken as well. She called for Mikey, for Ray, for Gerard.. but they weren't there. He couldn't help them. He couldn't help his girls. His girls..

The blonde had noticed that Ghoul was in tears, looking into the her eyes who looked just like her mother's.




A/N: Oh. Shit. Is Destroya all she seems? Is Ghoul going to realise who the other's are? OH SNAAP

Feedback appreciated, sorry Kobra's and Jet's POV aren't in this but they will be the next chapter:-)



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